Month: July 2014

My Sweetest Rose

I once met a fully grown flower girl. Not flower power, flower child, but a real desert rose. Not gypsum and barite but the organic kind of flower that only grows once in a thousand years. And I picked that flower. Didn’t water it, stepped on it on my way to the porch. It still…

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Make Your Place

When I was younger I didn’t know how to fulfill my own heart. I thought my place in the world was something I had to find – or that it would find me. Nobody ever told me that I should just do my best to make a place for myself in this world. Because that’s…

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Prelude to Untitled

The sound of a fork and knife gently rapping against a dinner plate gave me a yearning for the kind of domestic bliss you both love and take for granted at the same time. Hearing this felt like the kind of perfect summer’s breeze whose bliss catches you with the kind of sudden wonder that…

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