Why Not You, and Nine Modern Sonnets

Why Not You

I’m going to ask you to do me a favor
I want you to forget everything you ever knew
I want you to imagine that you are brand new to your body, and brand new to your life
What does the voice in your head sound like?
If it were a person, would it be someone whom you would like?
Would they be an encouraging friend? A steady, and warm pillar for the soul?
Because this, dear reader, this is the narrator of your life story
It’s your inner voice, which leads you to despair or to glory

And this voice can completely be changed
And a more compassionate, encouraging and positive inner disposition arranged
You need not sell your soul,
Or buy the seminar and the book
Just heeds the words of this poem and change your inner outlook
And all it takes is a moment to create change,
because trust me my dear reader, life is fucking strange
Why not you?

I want you to say it too,
Why not me?
Someone is going to do the thing you are dreaming about,
Why not you?

If it’s possible than it’s not impossible,
But you’re going to have to make it happen Jack (insert your name here)
Let me be clear
Today, THIS day is going to be the day someone turns it all around

This will be the day someone breaks sacred ground
Why not you?
And as a child we were taught that some people were great,
But they forgot to tell us that the world was ours too to create

Why not you?
It starts with your inner voice,
The sacred narrator responsible for your every choice
She’s (you’ve) got a few problems – but that’s okay,
He (you) just need to make the distinction between what to keep and what to give up today

This is your life and up until now your inner voice was shaped by a lot of factors,
But this is the movie of YOUR life and it’s time to fire the other actors
You are the star of your life, yet your parents never knew that the way they talked to you would one day become your inner voice
And now in this exciting moment you’ve got an important choice
Managing your own psychology is the most vital life skill,
But it requires a new relationship with yourself, objectivity, and will
So now we come to an important question:

Will you begin to observe and adapt, being now as you wish to be?
Or will you continue to blindly accept how you think and behave without smartly questioning, why not me?

Sonnet 1

I’ve found heaven and hell here on earth ,
for some between death and hell – neither is worse
because the path to hell needn’t be dressed in sin
and so I fear the confines of my own skin

For some it’s not even choice – it’s a game of chance ,
as one man mutters to himself
another makes love in the South of France
but you dear boy have been to hell and back ‘afore

And soon you’ll reside in this purgatory no more
but it’s a long way from crumpled and crying on the bathroom floor
a long way from drunk and not giving a fuck
I keep telling myself that the longest way round is the shortest way home

And I picture a world with a wife and three kids, a world I dearly hope to know
but I’ve been for so long so low and so alone

Sonnet 2

This has been my time in the wilderness
This has been my swan song of nakedness from bliss
There was no road not taken
I gave all and got up after e’rry fall

And I’m guilty of much, being human most all
We all fail
We all try
We all strive

Sometimes victory is just being alive
But there are days when sleep is a little suicide
There are days when I don’t comb my hair and beyond bodily functions I couldn’t even care
The bright side, the bright side,

They say look on the bright side
But that becomes darker and darker when you haven’t woken up in days on the right side

Sonnet 3

There are things for which I am most thankful,
things for which I feel the luckiest man alive
I can count on both hands,
but I’ll gladly list five:

Jim, Mary, Vanessa,
water and health
Alphabetical but none antithetical
To real wealth of the heart

A riches to which there is no equal
And in life, be thankful – because there’s no foreseeable sequel

Sonnet 4

Each day, each day, we have but one day
And happiness isn’t the place, happiness is the way
So don’t tell me you only live once,
you live every damn day

And when you die, for whom will you care of what they say?
He was human, he was warm, loving and kind
And of the persons who think otherwise, pay them no mind
For in life, as in death, only one truth exists:

That the peace in your heart equals the love that you give
And the love that you give equals the life that you live
But the love you don’t get is the human being’s primary regret
Oh my how deeply that cuts and how bitter that stings

It’s why poets write and singers sing
And If I could only figure out how to make people love me…

Sonnet 5

Love, I forgot, it requires only money and success
It’s the ugly American truth,
nothing exceeds like excess
But please make no mistake, I speak here (somewhat) in jest

Because love is one thing for which you should never optimistically inve$t
Because as you lose your money they’ll love you less and less
And the only safeguard against insecurity is security itself
So pursue things for your evolution but never sacrifice family and health

They wanted a revolution they got flat screen TV’s
Twenty inch dubs on their leased SUV’s
Is this American life the path for me?
A mortgage a lawn, children I hardly see?

And I’ll finally feel good enough, I’ll finally accept myself because I got enough love
The one thing of which I’ve rarely had enough

Sonnet 6

Please don’t think because I whine that I’m not in possession of my spine,
Because the fault of too much self-pity isn’t exclusive to the titled and entitled
We all feel regret for things which never came to pass,
the ache of things not meant to last

I’ve an important newsflash
We don’t get what we want in life
And I hate to be the one to break it to you,
but you don’t fool yourself by faking it do you?

No, you fool yourself when you rationalize, lie, judge, and deny
Quit bullshitting yourself and you’ll stand in the mirror eye to eye
Otherwise life will confound you until the very day you die
I’m not trying to be preachy, but I’m not ashamed to say things aren’t peachy

it’s okay to admit that there are things in life you need to change
That’s how you grow, that’s how you get better with age

Sonnet 7

You see, the only pity in this world is self-pity itself,
I shake it, but that devil keeps getting on my back
And to lose the feeling, I sometimes have go to directly to hell and back
Or at least that’s what I tell myself, Each time in times dimmed and hurting,

Depression, anguish – an entire tide of emotions
And then there’s the days when I’m just going through the motions
And it’s been a long time since the joys of a life I really loved
Now I’m nearly thirty and this life isn’t really working

But I’m not that worried
We all go through phases, doldrums, and lulls
But if we don’t confront our problems, we can’t escape running into ourselves
Life is about adapting not reacting
The difference is in building a door and looking for one

Are you creating a life or still looking for one that works?
Are you dealing with miserable losers or are people really just jerks?

Sonnet 8

Life’s all about distinctions
Are you poor or broke?
Are you unhappy or depressed?
Is it anxiety or just stress?

Weight is proportionate to measure
So, it’s your estimation that defines where there is trash and where there is treasure
In life, you need to reassess to progress
Some things in your life aren’t working
and you know it but you don’t show it

We need only reflect on the short and common regrets of the dying to remind ourselves that people pursue happiness and peace but die still trying

Sonnet 9

If you asked the average man on his deathbed for candid thoughts on how he wished he had lived, this is the reply he’d likely give:

I lived my life based on the expectations of others and I did not honor my dreams and live true to myself,
I shouldn’t have worked so hard at the expense of my family and friends
Such undue sacrifice,
the means was not worth the end

I should have spoken my piece even if my voice shook,
Instead I sought peace and kept my true feelings inside,
It marginalized my health, and that part of my life felt like a lie
I lost touch with good friends and the importance of friendship became clear after far too many years

I never let myself be confident, and it was too late when I discovered that happiness was a choice,
And that I alone was responsible for shaping my inner voice
I pretended that I was content to myself and to others,
But deep down, I longed for silliness and laughter

And all this I learned in the very final chapter

[There have been a lot of studies and even books written on the topic of major regrets before dying, and below is a great infographic.]


### Postscript ###

There are 7.168 billion people in the world and over a hundred-billion homo-sapiens have died before you will

You will die. Live each day knowing this. Live each day a steward of the true inner peace you deserve in your heart. You are the captain of your story. You are the writer. I’m just a minor character who came along and wrote something that I hope changed you. Something that moved you. Something that reminded you of who you are and why you are here. Be peace. Be love. Be happy. Heaven is here on earth. Why not you.

3 thoughts on “Why Not You, and Nine Modern Sonnets

  1. […] I can only imagine, as a cognitive exercise, how therapeutically effective a simulation or virtual reality program would be in which you experience your death, a kind of “It’s a Wonderful Life” thing. Why, people might actually start living instead of working and eating themselves miserably into their graves. Hating their lives deep down all the way, telling their once love to “go fuck themselves” and meaning it. We humans are fools – yet we lack in the foolishness that happiness requires – the kind of foolishness to say, “Why not me?” […]


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