I’m Icarus

Here’s this moments biography
File it away, you fickle and sentimental mortal coward
There remains yet space between our ashes and the stars
Your discography in’t finished,
you see –
There’s still more songs in these here hearts
Dusty records still spin,
We hear but patina in the sound,
Crack, ssthhhhss – pop!

But my beautiful relationship,
It’s regressing,
Sun’s-setting, come home now
My wandering, pathetic heart,
It’s floating up and away and going

I’m fleeting from it all
The darkness, the drunk heartsick darkness
I’m a moth,
Inevitable dust chasing light for a moment’s time

I’m Icarus

Fear not losing your wings I write,
But fear being afraid to leave everything
And should a human be reading this ages and ages on,
Know that I flew high

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