I Just Want To…

I just want to:

  • Build a custom shower with two heads
  • Raise a dog from puppy till death
  • Need to buy appreciating assets for tax-purposes
  • Build a desk my great-grandchildren fight over
  • Learn how to cook more french-food
  • Write The Great American Novel
  • Have a third child unexpectedly
  • Become fluent in Spanish
  • Not need anyone
  • Be a better son/brother/boyfriend
  • Have a non-traditional wedding that people talk about for years
  • Build another boat
  • Change the people I come into contact with
  • Die with a Wikipedia page. A long one.
  • See how long I can live
  • Have a death I both desire and deserve
  • Read every damn great book ever
  • See humans on Mars. Maybe I’ll die there
  • Not be hated by my Ex’s for what I could have been
  • Learn Fencing
  • See the Singularity
  • Go to Polo Matches
  • Mentor people
  • Change the world
  • Finally poach and egg without cheating
  • Live in France for a time
  • Let those I love know I love them and I would die for them
  • See the people of North Korea free
  • Own a Lamborghini
  • Collect Porsches
  • Collect Watches
  • Start my watch company
  • Pay off a few mortgages
  • Surf-Fish 500 more times
  • Be my favorite author’s favorite author
  • Be a prized poet
  • Watch my kids in a play
  • Learn guitar
  • Live on the beach
  • Have a pied-a-terre in the city
  • Go to Mexico with my Dad in “the beater truck”
  • Be a wonderful Uncle
  • Save lives
  • Be a philanthropist
  • Write the book I am most afraid to (It’s either a flop or a classic)
  • Record that 808’s and Heartbreak mixtape
  • Put my poetry on soundcloud to music
  • Release a book of short stories
  • Win a Pullitzer or National Book Award or Both
  • Do a commencement speech
  • Drop in on a writing class at Columbia
  • Honor the Memory of Marina Keegan
  • Meet Jay-Z
  • Live at the Four Seasons
  • Buy shoes for kids too poor to have them
  • Get purple silk sewn inside that beat brown leather number I travel with
  • Fly private with someone I admire
  • Honor my father’s memory till the day I die
  • Let me mom know she is unreal awesome
  • Build a personal library that endures
  • Be a hero to children
  • Treasure my keepsakes
  • Grow a real beard – okay, perhaps a bit too far-fetched
  • See my novel ‘A Terran Spring’ on the silver screen – take my mom as my date to the premier
  • Sell a company I own
  • Be larger than life – always
  • Be humble – like Bunny taught me, always
  • Save something historical for posterity’s sake
  • Sail thousands of miles
  • Believe in G-d
  • Fight for things that matter – and win
  • Speak for those without a voice
  • Make my sister cry from happiness
  • Visit a few graves I never did
  • Honor those who made me who I am
  • Grow my own capers
  • Return to somewhere I miss and be glad it ended
  • Be thankful for regrets
  • Get better with age
  • Do a couple more things I fear to see if it’s worth it
  • Be my lover’s hero
  • Create a handwritten list of all my favorite movies for my grandchildren to watch when they are older
  • Produce an episode of ‘Bubbas’ – if still deemed worthy by 35
  • Own a great telescope
  • Garden
  • Be a great dad
  • Always accept myself
  • Embrace change with romantic curiosity
  • Witness a miracle
  • Be content
  • Stay hungry
  • Catch the perfect Halibut and kill it, saying a real Native American prayer as I do
  • Invest in a restaurant – not a crappy suburban one
  • Never forget how lucky I am to be me
  • Never apologize for who I am
  • Own a cat (I hate cats – but so did Papa [Hemingway])
  • Discover something
  • Be funny, always
  • Continually mature
  • Go pee right now

Edit: [post publish – same day night] – just counted and there are exactly 100 things on this list…how beautifully eerie.

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One thought on “I Just Want To…

  1. Lawrence:

    Quite a bucket list and I suspect the last item on the list was checked off.

    Really enjoyed the list.

    xo Dad


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