Poetry: Seven Keys To a Peaceful Heart

You find that in life loss is just a part of it,
You’re going to lose that thing, which at one point was the very heart of it.

And when those days come, endings to loves and seasons dear,
Your heart will writhe with pain and you’ll desire the fate of King Lear.

You’ll be lost and confused – perhaps months unto years: it depends,
How well can you let go and will you accept that all eventually ends?

You can curse the fates or seize the day – for despair and hope are yours alone,
But there’s no finding providence or serendipity when you’re lost and forlorn.

No one finds a new raison d’etre without the universe knowing they are ready,
The heart’s simply not open until the disposition of the owner grows steady.

For to strengthen yourself you must know and master seven keys to a peaceful heart:

  • Confidence – not just the act of being confident, but the knowledge that you are capable of handling anything.
  • Faith – not just that it will be easy, but that it will be worth it.
  • Patience – not just with the world, but with yourself.
  • Perseverance – not just continuing on in the face of difficult challenges, but succeeding in spite of them.
  • Self-Reliance – not just for your care, but for your pleasures, for your governance, for your motivation, for your identity, – all of you must spring forth from a well that you alone can lay claim to.
  • Resilience – don’t try to adapt to what happened, simply adapt to what is.
  • Self-Love – this is what will keep you from abandoning yourself when you feel the world has abandoned you, it will also be the cornerstone of your relationships – not only with yourself, but with the world.

Do these seven well and you’ll weather the storms of life quite well,
Don’t and – well, you’ll end up in a certain kind of hell.

It’s the prison of a man who tied his happiness to expectations past,
It’s the regret of someone who feels they’ve lost their only chance at a love that could last.

But not you.

Sure, you’ve made 75 mistakes,
But in doing these seven well you’ll have what forgiving and letting go takes.

And to this end, constant change is a promise we will always be tested,
But there’s an easier way than the penance of a rebellious heart that’s been bested.

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