Month: April 2014

Meditations: Session Three

I took less than a page of notes in my notebook after the third session in my meditations practice. I suspect this could be a result of the fact that I didn’t set a clear enough intention going into this session. I was also a bit clouded by frustration and expectation; however, I got exactly…

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Meditations: Session Two

Continuing my Meditations Series, tonight I’m transcribing my handwritten notes from Session Two. (Technically, the third session, as my first session was recorded in the entry Transcendental Realizations.) I should state that, as in each of my meditation sessions, the notes taken after meditating were a direct result of the intentions that I consciously decided…

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Poetry: Perfume Made Sweet

Sweet Perfume in the air and it’s dinner time, I’m walking home by the cafe. It’s humming quietly in this little coastal town, And I tell myself I’m okay. Because the perfume in the air it’s thick and sickening, The feeling of scented hair I’ve been lost in, Loveless tresses and dresses I should have…

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On my Poem: As Above, So Below

My poem As Above, So Below was originally inspired by the plight of the North Korean people – specifically the 150,000 to 200,000 estimated denizens of the regime’s torturous gulags. In my own reflecting on this dreadful and strikingly overlooked fragment of the modern world, as well as in my reflections on the human rights…

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Poetry: As Above, So Below

I used to think the man in the modern city was in trouble. For he had no ties to those he buried in ash and rubble. And I thought of the man in the village, but he too seemed lost. For in exchange for grains and property, Hapless slaves paid the cost. So I looked…

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Lying Down in The Darkness

Listening to Louis CK. Humor is such a divine blessing. Laughter is truly the best medicine. There are certain things in life that are irreplaceable necessities for the soul. Things that are renewing. Today is the kind of day I need renewal. It’s the kind of day I want to take my pillow in the…

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It's not about not thinking. No ego. It's about perceiving your thoughts and ego as part of the outer world, which you experience internally. This is the antithesis of Eckhart Tolle and the thesis of Alan Watts.

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Meditations Session One: On Stories and The Waking Dream, Self-Worth, and Happiness

Update: 11/5/2014 I’ve just published a new entry on story and personal mythology, which this compliments excellently – enjoy. Technically, these are the second set of notes originated through my newfound journey into meditation. The first were published in my entry: Transcendental Realizations. Per my previous post, I am going to attempt to make a…

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My Budding Romance with Meditation

Meditation has recently become a central part of my existence, and I’m in love. I started writing about it in Transcendental Realizations and as a follow-up entry I published A Cocktail for The Soul, which encompassed simple instructions for my current favorite meditation technique. Using the same technique detailed in the latter entry, I’ve enjoyed…

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A Cocktail for The Soul

I just published what is unequivocally one of the most important entries this blog will ever have, Transcendental Realizations. While I did offer up the caveat that I am not a meditation teacher or a spiritual guide – and this isn’t the exact process I used, I would be doing present and future readers a…

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Transcendental Realizations

I had an experience recently that opened my eyes to a kind of transcendence of the self. Some call it self-realization, ego-death or awakening. It’s difficult to even write about because it was not a conscious, reality based experience. In fact I’ve been waiting to publish this because I wanted to give myself time to…

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Poetry: Poetic Therapy

Poets only write when they are upset. So tonight I write poetry for things I can’t forget. But a poet can’t live in the past – for in the past there’s only his regret. For in poetry humanity forgives itself. In poetry the poet heals his soul and feels what he can’t anyplace else. Because…

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