A Note About People

You know, sometimes I come across people that are such just honest to goodness kindhearted people that it’s heartbreaking to see them struggling.

It’s heartbreaking to me because these people are doing their best and they aren’t trying to fuck people to get ahead. They’re too damn nice for this world.

They’re just trying to keep the lights on. Fighting their quiet little battles. Often with no one at all really there for them.

I thank G-d for the people who care about me, but just as much, I’m thankful to be relatively well-equipped just to deal with life. I can build companies and I can use my people skills to attract a mate. That might seem like a silly way of putting things, but I have to remember that there are countless people who are 50 times more deserving than I am, and they don’t have any of the advantages I do.

If we were really evolved in our humanity, we would work together to take care of one another.

We might not be barbaric, but living in a social and economic vacuum is really just an absurdity when you think about the injustices in the world.

I’m not just talking about income inequality, or even the 800 thousand people living as refugees in Syria at this very moment. I can’t fix that injustice and nor can you.

But what we can do is share in our humanity together by opening our eyes and our hearts to the people all around us who are really in need.

We need to be soldiers for these people. We need to protect the most vulnerable people. In my imagination of G-d, he cries seeing how we are so out of touch with the human spirit. The human spirit is absent, just a phrase you hear on TV commercials. Where is our real human spirit.

We have no honor, no ethics that we really live by. We use all of our talent and all of our abilities for ourselves.

Maybe I’m just really selfish, I don’t know. But I know that people are struggling, and they need help. Are we going to help them, or are we going to step over them as we climb up social and professional ladders.

I don’t want to live in a vacuum. I don’t want to be another indistinguishable, unremarkable human. I want to protect the people who need protecting.

Edit: A wonderful new friend I made posted a very relevant story perfectly exemplifies the spirit of this post.

Read the story, you’ll LOVE it.

And here’s a youtube of the story.

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