Be the Anti-Hero of Your Own Movie

I’ve watched a few superhero movies as of late, and who doesn’t love a superhero. The superhero is a mythical character because real life heroes are rare.

The superhero is supposed to be someone we can look up to; but how can we look up to a hero that we can’t relate to?

The more relatable character is the anti-hero.

Now when you think anti-hero, people tend to envision the bad guys that we want to root for. Tony Montana, or Boardwalk Empire’s Richard Harrow.

But that’s a very limited definition of what an anti-hero is.

Sure, the anti-hero can have some moral ambiguity like Son’s of Anarchy’s Jax Teller, but he’s more than just just a likeable bad guy.

The anti-hero is nothing more than the hero for his own sake. He’s the hero of his own story, not someone else’s.

He’s not altruistic, but he believes in his own religion beset on a quest for redemption, which gives him a sense of righteousness nonetheless.

He’s not some caricature of a villain who isn’t evil. This more complex and nuanced version of the story’s protagonist is more Donald Draper than Dexter Morgan.

He’s just a guy who isn’t great but he’s trying to be. He’s not making a comeback, because he was never great to begin with, but something inside of him is seeking renewal and restoration.

The antihero represents our desire for catharsis to whatever end we wish.

In that sense, we are all anti-heroes. We are all searching for our own redemption from who we are.

But we need to make a decision. We need to decide that it’s time for our movie to start.

I’ll let this quote from internet-philosopher Joe Rogan tell the rest:

The best advice I’ve ever heard, the best advice I ever came up with, is that live your life like you’re the hero in your movie. Right now, is when the fucking movie starts and your life is a shitbag disaster like every fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where he wakes up and makes a blender full of pizza and ice cream … those guys when they think they’re on the brink and put the gun in their mouth and put it down because they see a photo of their daughter – pretend that’s you. Pretend that right now you are in the part of that movie that starts and it shows you as a fucking loser, and just decide not to be a loser anymore.

Live your life like there’s a documentary crew following you around and you are analyzing your own behavior. Do what you would want to do, so that your kids would once day look back at it and see that documentary, and look on it with pride, like: “Wow my dad was a bad motherfucker, he really did what he had to do.” “Wow my mom really got her shit together.” I love a success story, but even more than a success story, I like a dude who fucks his life up and then gets it back together again story. Those are my favorite stories. And the way to do that, you’ve got to write shit down, you’ve got to think that you are the hero in your own fucking movie and then you’ve got to sit down and write shit down. Write down what you need to do.”

Be the anti-hero of your own movie by saving yourself from not saving yourself.

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