Poetry: Once Again Find Why

Are you happy?
Are you just getting by?
The answer, affirmed or a nay
Lies in reasons why

It was there, quickly days unto years ago
But as muses and lost winnings go, better forgotten than never known
Because once again sweeping streets, will once again be a city owned

No, it wasn’t a fugazi
But who fucking cares
Today is your only chance at a tomorrow you’ll have to bear

So seek to find the fuse and the flint of task and path
You only have to need the answer badly enough and you’ll turn inward and ask

The answer is your how – for why and it are one and the same
Find it and you’ll close the gulf between dreams and plans laid

For it’s not the how but the why that drives trying or giving up
And the answer is the reason you’re not living or living up
Ask why you try or try not
Or forever ask why you’re just getting by

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