What Would We Do if We Didn’t Care

I was writing my about me blurb and I found myself falling into that trap of writing what I wanted people to hear. Call it the LinkedIn style of writing.

That whole: “I’m a Boston based based blah blah blah blah (<-Insert photographer / writer / tech etc)

But what would we do if we didn’t care what people thought?

I might write, I’m Lawrence Black and I’m figuring out life just like everyone else. It really is an incredible journey, and while I have 50 dreams of things I want to do, ultimately, making a difference is what matters to me. I’d like a family too. And I love people. Life is beautiful.

Bam. Authentic. (This exercise just prompted me to replace the existing bio of I’m a writer, a philospher, and a startup guy who blah blah blah with the above paragraph)

Because the Linkedin version of my story is not who I really am. I mean, I am a writer; but I’m really much more absorbed in figuring life out and making a difference.

But the left side of my brain says ‘but wait, you want to publish a book and do X business thing, you can’t just say that you are some bohemian who wants a family.

But the truth is, that’s just societal conditioning.

But the funny thing is, that’s not conditioning us to be happy, it’s only conditioning us to fit in.

What other areas of our life is caring too much about other people’s perception of us preventing us from being WHO WE ARE.

We are the only version of us that will ever walk the earth.

How would we walk it if we didn’t care. Just didn’t care what people thought of us, or what societies expectations were.

I just want to open your mind up to that question, because the truth is, you are going to be dying, and you are going to wish you hadn’t cared so much.

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