Real Life Inspiration: Ralph Smart


It’s funny that just yesterday I published one of my Real Life Inspirations on Steve Jobs, and today I am writing about someone who is bringing a much different impact to the world but doing it with a similar message of freeing ourselves from the pre-programmed lives that society dictates for us.

I’ve just recently discovered Ralph Smart; however, had I found him sooner I don’t think I would have been capable of internalizing the simple and profound depth of his messages.

He is a Psychologist, author, counselor, life coach, and relationship guide.

But he’s also an alchemist and what I would deem a brain hacker, because he is helping others to free themselves and awaken to the infinite possibilities that exist.

I recently wrote about self-actualization and based on the videos of his that I’ve watched I get the sense that here is an individual who has discovered his potential and is living from his authentic-self.

Fortunately for the world, he’s broken free from the mainstream and is helping to raise the consciousness of others through his teachings.

As my own journey of self-discovery progresses I’m finding myself drawn more and more to the messages, signs, and lessons that are providing me the connection to clarity that is so essential to the experience of self-realization.

And the more that I walk this path, the more that I am faced with the inescapable truth that once you wake up to the matrix, there is no lasting inner-peace without breaking free.

I just purchased Ralph’s book, Feel Alive, which is available in e-book and audio format.

I am looking forward to listening to the audio version of Feel Alive as I walk on the beach in the morning.

I’m also going to be scheduling a counseling session with him and I’m looking forward to watching more of his videos, which are released every week on his Youtube Channel.

Here’s an excellent video from Ralph Smart, on loving yourself.

Update: Did a one-on-one skype with Mr. Smart and it was well worth it! Highly recommend.

2 thoughts on “Real Life Inspiration: Ralph Smart

  1. Did you end up scheduling a session with ralph smart? I have tried to schedule one, made my payment and have not heard from him for almost 4 months now. Would love to know if you actually got to do the session and he just mistakingly missed my payment. :)


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