Real Life Inspiration: Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs is an exceptional example of someone who lived his life according to his own code and left a permanent mark on the world in his wake.

I’ve read his biography, and I’ve watched many interviews with him, but today I came across what I believe to be a more rare glimpse into his mind.

I choose the following four quotes from the video, because they are precious gems that should be digested and internalized within each of us striving to find our way and succeed at realizing our full potential in life.

“The only thing you have in your life is time. And if you invest that time in yourself, in great experiences that are going to enrich you, then you can’t possibly lose.”

“We went and talked to the venture capitalists none of them would give us any money. One of them referred to me as a renegade from the human race because I had longer hair, yeah none of them would give us any money, and thank G-d because they would have ended up owning most of our company”.

“I’ve never found anyone who said no or hung up the phone when I called. I just asked. And when people ask me I try to be as responsive to pay that debt of gratitude back. Most people never pick up the phone and call, most people never ask – and that’s what separates, sometimes, the people that do things from the people that just dream about them. You’ve gotta act. And you gotta to be willing to fail. You’ve gotta be willing to crash and burn, you know with people on the phone, with starting a company, with whatever. You know, if you’re afraid of failing, you won’t get very far.”

“So, the thing I would say is, when you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is to live your life inside of the world, try not to bash into the walls too much, try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money, but life – that’s a very limited life, life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact, and that is that everything around you that you call life, was made up by people that were no smarter than you – and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use. And the minute that you understand that you can poke life and actually, if you push in, something will pop out the other side – that you can change it, than you can mold it, um, that’s maybe the most important thing; is to shake off this erroneous notion that life is there and you’re just going to live in it, versus embrace it, change it, improve it, make your mark upon it. I think that’s very important and however you learn that, once you learn it, you’ll want to change life and make it better ’cause it’s kind of messed up in a lot of ways. And once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.”

<br>Thank you Steve. The world was better for you having lived in it.

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