Real Life Inspiration: Will Smith

I’ve read four books this week.

I listen to audiobooks or inspirational videos while I work.

I eat, dream, shit, piss, and sleep my mission of living a life that’s tailor-made just for me.

90+% of my reading is personal development driven. Why? It works. I’m a better man for it; I love growth and discovery.

But it’s one thing to hear an inspirational author or speaker talk about success and self-actualization – but it’s an entire different beast to hear someone proselytize the same thing – for no other reason then the generosity of their spirit.

This is who he is and what he believes in. The passion is obvious.

The man is not going to the grave with the song still inside of him.

I’m posting this so that I can return to it and listen until I know it by memory.

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