Real Life Limitless Part 2: Act Accordingly

Update: 10/17/14

I’ve posted an entry on self-mastery that covers both self-control and self-discipline, and I’m posting a link to it here because I think that self-mastery was the missing piece of my Real Life Limitless Series. Read it here.


In Part One of my Real Life Limitless series, I wrote about the power of creating Omnipotent Beliefs. Getting emotional about our beliefs and creating strong pain / pleasure connections within our brains is the first step to becoming Limitless in real life. I encourage you to read Part One first if you have not.

Once we have identified and established these extremely powerful beliefs and created an emotional dependence upon their outcome, we need to start acting accordingly.

Initiating Action

Acting accordingly means that our behavior is congruent with our beliefs.  We need to take action in a manner that supports our new beliefs/goals in order to bring them to life.

Without action our beliefs are nothing. Period.

But taking action can be difficult to initiate – not just the motivational requisite of initiating action but the clarity and direction required to efficiently and effectively begin moving closer toward our desired outcome in a way that creates massive results.

If you need motivation to act on your beliefs, they are not strong enough. There is no making it to the podium without believing it so clearly that you can see and feel it.

Start With the Finish in Mind

Winning begins at the finish line. You will see it when you believe it and begin to act according to the sense of your own destiny that your beliefs have established within you.

There is no to do list to get there. Only a path you must take. A path you must see from the end to the beginning. You are not working backwards, you are working according to a hierarchy that leads you to the end.

This also forces us to be realistic. This is not a path of leaps and bounds but a path of rapid growth.

We are acting according to our endgame within a hierarchy of steps, endeavors and accomplishments to get there.

Acting Accordingly Doesn’t Mean Putting On An Act

Now, acting is somewhat of a misnomer. As I mentioned in Part One, acting as if won’t cut it.

We have all seen the people who are putting on some show for everyone else in an attempt to be perceived in a certain manner. No one buys it but the people who do not matter. This is not a show for anyone. This is for yourself to see the man in the mirror as one capable, deserving and on track.

Think up-and-comer, not poseur. Ask yourself, is this what the guy on the podium would be doing. Whatever your podium may be you have to make the progression to getting there in every aspect of your life, from what you do to who you are.

Avoid Inner-Conflict

When you begin to act according to your beliefs, this is when you will run into cognitive dissonance. You are suddenly transitioning your actions to be congruent with your new beliefs and you need to make sure your self-image can keep up. Battling your previous self-perception can be destructive and a major hindrance to growth. This is a new you. You must constantly reinforce your beliefs and create supporting beliefs along the way.

This is a path of character development that requires you to ‘buy in’ to your own change. It must be internalized as part of who we are.

This starts by realizing that what you do comes from who you are and who you are comes from what you do. We are our habits.

Which brings us to Step 3 in my Real Life Limitless Series. Habits. Subscribe to my blog via email (upper right column) to be notified when Step 3 is published. : ) Until then, stay on your path.

Update: Real Life Limitless Part Three: Habits

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