Real Life Limitless Part 1: Omnipotent Beliefs.

Update: 10/17/14

I’ve posted an entry on self-mastery that covers both self-control and self-discipline, and I’m posting a link to it here because I think that self-mastery was the missing piece of my Real Life Limitless Series. Read it here.


Preface: I originally published this on April 4th, 2011. Then, as writers tend to do for whatever reason, I deleted it.

And, as writers tend to do – I regretted it. Greatly. I searched for it a couple times, and was aware I had deleted something special – but I did not find it.

Then, tonight – I logged on and noticed there was a “Trash” folder. Who would have thought ; ) I clicked and lo and behold, Real Life Limitless was staring at me.

I believe the universe has a sense of humor, but there’s something deeper than that. The right messages have a way of finding us when we need them. Tonight, I needed this. I will certainly add part II soon. Enjoy.


How many of us know what it is to become the perfect version of ourselves?

The concept behind Limitless is brilliant simply because it’s so damned alluring.

We’d all like to take a pill that would make us become limitless. Virtually no one would turn down the ability to transform into their ideal self with such ease.

Unfortunately, the alluring quality of limitless is also what makes it dangerous because it reinforces the idea that we have to be brilliant freaks to be successful and that without a magic pill, we will be sloths our entire lives.

It reinforces the idea that in real life we are all limited – rather than limitless. Because in real life, our limits prevent us from becoming the ideal version of ourselves.

Becoming our ideal self isn’t outside the realm of reality, it’s just outside the limits of our present beliefs and actions – which shape our reality.

In my Real Life Limitless series, I’m going to explore my philosophy and approach to becoming limitless in our own lives.

Because while there is no magic pill, the world nonetheless produces major successes everyday without it.

It begins with believing.

To become the ideal version of ourselves, we have to shape the world to fit the reality we want to live in. In other words, We have to create what we want in life.

But first in order for this to be possible, we have to believe in what we want. If we don’t believe in ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to? We can’t. And without the support of others on some level, success is virtually impossible. It takes a certain level of chutzpah to put our beliefs out into the world, but there is no other way around it.

The salesmen who closes the sale is the one who believes, the actor who gets the part is the actor who believes, the guy who gets the girl is the guy who believes he can. They all believed they were capable and deserving and that it was just a matter of time.

When we believe these things in our heart of hearts, we behave in a congruent fashion and no one even bats an eye as we work our ‘magic’. Believing is the only magic that is real.

‘Acting as if’ won’t cut it.

We’ve all heard the advice, ‘act as if’. Or, ‘fake it until you make it’. That’s total bullshit. It’s bullshit because it’s acting and faking and those verbs are completely in-congruent with believing.

Your beliefs have to be omnipotent to be effective. Strong beliefs are omnipotent; omnipotent beliefs are limitless.

Let’s examine what constitutes a strong belief:

We have to be committed to it. People who are committed to their beliefs don’t hesitate to defend them and they don’t give up.

We have to have a confident attitude in our belief. Beliefs are living things that are subject to change. Confidence helps them to grow stronger.

The Key to Strengthening a Belief.

Focus and repetition are great ways to strengthen a belief but the most effective way to strengthen a belief is to get emotional about it. When we get emotional about beliefs we become passionate about them. And the things we are passionate about become part of who we are.

This emotional empowerment strengthens the synapses in your brain and you begin to become dependent upon the outcome of your beliefs for your emotional well being. <—That is when you really believe.

Your beliefs should be expectations with extremely rewarding results. This also means that failure for our beliefs to come true should have extremely negative connotations. These emotions of pleasure and pain have very powerful effects on our actions and this allows us to start a chain of events on an almost primal level.

What’s next?

These omnipotent beliefs are the foundation for my Real Life Limitless series. The next step is taking our beliefs and acting accordingly to bring them to life.

Check back for Real Life Limitless Part 2: Making Our Beliefs Come True…

Update: Part 2 has been published.

6 thoughts on “Real Life Limitless Part 1: Omnipotent Beliefs.

  1. Does manifestation exist?…

    You state that it’s obvious that ‘thoughts encourage action and change’, but I think what’s not obvious is why and how thoughts can influence our actions. But first, let me digress – results will always be dependent upon time and effort – there are…


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