Life is Finite, So Live it Well. That’s your Birthright.

I came across a great blog post today at Johnny B. Truant today, titled The Universe Doesn’t give a Flying Fuck about You. Essentially, the author talks about the autonomous relationship between the universe, planets, and stars and our own existentialism. It’s a great piece that left me feeling like I had just jumped into the cold ocean and surfaced with a sense of calmness and heightened clarity.

Sometimes we all need a healthy dose of perspective. It’s good to put our egocentricity in check. We need to be reminded that our permanence is as real as that of the sun and the stars; here for a finite amount of time within an indifferent universe that is billions of years old and impartial to the triviality of our infinitesimal lives. Of course we are subjective observers to which our own time is relative, so it’s difficult for us to really feel and understand this but if we can just remind ourselves that the universe does not give a flying fuck about us, we can free ourselves from the unnecessary pressures we put on ourselves every day.

But just because we are insignificant does not mean our lives do not matter. This healthy perspective is reason to seize the day. Here is a great (albeit long) abridged excerpt from the aforementioned post that addresses this.

“If you knew how small you are and how short a time you have to do what you can, you wouldn’t waste time watching five fucking hours of TV a day. You wouldn’t waste time doing a job you hate. You wouldn’t waste the little time you have dealing with assholes, feeling sorry for yourself, or being timid about the things you’d really like to do…

“…The universe doesn’t care if you live, die, suffer, or thrive.You don’t matter to the planets and the sun and the stars, but you matter to YOU. You matter to those around you. You matter to those you can reach, and touch, and who you live and die with.

Stop waiting for someone to give you what you want. The universe is too busy to care. It has worlds to create and galaxies to destroy. If you’re worried about death and about your own end, don’t. It’s coming whether you like it or not. You will either arrive at the end of your life in style or you will arrive broken and beaten, but whichever way you choose, have no doubt that you WILL ARRIVE.

There is only now. If you have power, it’s now. If you can change anything, you have to do it now. If you want to be or to have that next great thing, be it. Have it. Take it. Own it. Do it. Become it.”

You have to create the world as you see it fit to live in. You have to earn what you are owed in life. The universe will always pay up if you earn it according to the rules of the physical world. Remember that inertia is always proportionate to an object’s mass. Understand and practice that universal law and you will come to know power and control in your life. The universe may not be just, but it is fair. Make sure you give yourself those healthy doses of perspective to remind yourself that life is finite. So live it well. That’s your birthright.

4 thoughts on “Life is Finite, So Live it Well. That’s your Birthright.

  1. How you can be so sure that life has to finite always ?

    Think about it like Ray Kurzweil thinks of it…

    I think you underestimate powerful human ideas…

    We landed on the moon but we still have to die…Its maybe only because

    We invested in the different issues…

    First we need to overcome diseases and death and
    then we could explore the universe…but we need time..a lot of…I hope we will achieve it…


    my dear fella


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