Your dot com sucks and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Every brand creates it’s own impression within me; negative, positive or indifferent. Everyone has their own opinion, for some people Mcdonalds makes them smile, for me it makes me cringe. Simple as that.

However when it comes to online businesses I have always been reserved in voicing my negative judgment. Perhaps simply because the internet is such an indiscriminate audience. While I might voice my negative opinion of certain brands with friends, I really feel no need to voice my opinion to complete strangers.

They would probably very quickly see me as someone who would deny his own children a happy meal and someone who is too good to shop at whatever crappy stores they shop at. (sarcasm, a little)

Well, as an online guy I’ve always felt an inclination to be supportive of other online companies. But, the truth is, I’m tired of playing like the internet is any different than the brick and mortar world. Like it’s some happy magical land where every website is going to make our lives better. “It’s free”.

Fuck that. Your company fucking sucks and just because there is a dot com at the end I shouldn’t by any less inclined to say so. So, here is a big fuck you to all the online companies I hate and all the startups I can’t stand and the people who are riding their coattails. That feels much better. /rant

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