It’s Not Mothers Day, but Hey Momma.

I’m far away from my mom and I miss her. I really do have the most amazing mom. No one will know the things she has done for me or the patience she always had with me. Or the countless times I showed up unannounced at her door and she gave me the best hug in the world, cooked me a meal and just listened to me.

Sometimes I didn’t always like the advice she gave me or her style of parenting, but I see now it was her way of treating me like a man and setting expectations for me.

Don’t get me wrong, the other 99% of advice and parenting style I loved. My mom taught me that I was special and how to be strong, no matter what. She taught me how to really appreciate things.

I know I didn’t always make a point to spend enough real time with you or say a proper goodbye, but know I regret doing so and I admire you all the more for not holding it against me. I couldn’t have asked for a more loving, kind, fun and supportive mom.

I know I can’t live far away from you for too long, because I miss you too much.

You’re an amazing woman mom. I love you. Thanks for making me, me. You’ve always been my best friend.

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