this I beleive

Preface: Part of my inspiration to write this comes from a program on NPR, titled “This I Believe”.

From NPR, describing the program: “Based on a 1950s radio program of the same name, Americans from all walks of life share the personal philosophies and core values that guide their daily lives. Hear previous features and read more from the archives below.”

The other source of inspiration simply stems from my firm convictions. What follows isn’t the sum of my beliefs, nor my creed or values. It’s simply what I know right now and what I feel the need to document. ###

I believe I need to live by the sea and that I am destined to raise the most amazing kids in the world. I believe that inside of me is a genius writer and that there is a lesson within everything. I believe my purpose on earth is to love, share my spirit with others, cultivate myself as a man, and create a family; a legacy; a pedigree. I believe in G-d and in myself. I believe I deserve more now than I did then. I believe I’m right here right now for a reason and that it’s on my path.

– Lawrence

2 thoughts on “this I beleive

  1. […] I will personally admit that it is easy to fall back into my own depths in the tail end and wake of a relationship. But a person must, as I am, move onward. Hence the power of the written word: to draw maps on the uncharted territory called the future. And this is what I am doing: I am designing my life, I am writing my Wikipedia page, one aware, intention filled moment at a time. Because I believe I deserve better now than I did then. […]


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