Life’s Simple Pleasures

I’m fond of saying that I’m the happiest (& luckiest) guy I know and I suspect my family and friends can attest to this.

I’ve continually grown happier with age as I’ve discovered what brings me joy and everyday I’ve unabashedly savored life’s simple pleasures.

Here are a few:

A good movie, pellegrino, or even soda water with lemon, a crisp issue of a good magazine or newspaper, sandwich, chips and a beer, a good t-shirt, working out, orange juice, sweaters and sweats, (any clothes you feel comfortable in) a good game on the telly, good conversation, candlelight, mutual respect, good music, hearing your family say they love you, thin crust pizza, reading tabloids while in line at the grocery store, hot sauce, espresso or cappucino, quotes and sayings, keeping in touch with friends, trident gum, books, pictures and keepsakes, cooking a roast chicken, the respect of your significant other’s family and friends, toy cars and army guys, wikipedia and google, reunions with fam and friends, reminiscing, traditions, talking in bed, my favorite shoes, a glass of milk, a smile from a child or a person of age, shellfish, being thankful, having generosity of spirit, face lotion, a comfy bed, a shower, clean clothes, being proud of yourself, a good burger, modern medicine, faith and love.

There are many, many, many more. Some occur only once while some, like washing my face, happen everyday – well, almost.

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