Life Lessons Learned in One Weekend

1. You can make substantial professional progress and growth during one weekend. Time away from the office provides you with a healthy perspective.

2. Taking time to be alone – even if it’s just Sunday evening – will realign you with YOU. Being self aware is not automatic.

3. Fishing can be really fun, even when you don’t catch anything. (This was not true for me as a kid.) Maturity shows itself in odd ways.

4. No matter how many times a dog bites you, if you are nice to it long enough, it will play with you, but it WILL bite you again. The same is true for people. (-5 points for using a dog / people analogy.)

Edit on June 28, 2010 at 7:31am: Just went through and re-read this over a year later. Have to say, number 2 and 4 really hit home.